MPV 80

Multipurpose Vessel

The MPV 80 is KERSHIP’s answer for customers requesting a robust vessel to perform a wide range of missions. The vessel is designed with important versatility and excellent sea-keeping behaviour and built on european standards.

Built to fulfill both civilian and military missions in EEZ waters, including humanitarian assistance, pollution response, border protection or counter-piracy, the MPV 80 can also perform cargo transportation (up to 6 containers) and logistic operations.

The MPV 80’s multipurpose core is based on KERSHIP’s expertise in shipbuilding and system integration and significantly reduces a fleet’s total ownership cost.

Length 79.5 m
Breadth 13.8 m
Displacement 2,200 t


  • Cost effective, robust and easy to operate and maintain
  • European shipbuilding standards
  • Versatile design for ship reconfiguration and optional embarked systems integration
  • Increased search capabilities with panoramic bridge, single mast for 360° sensors coverage, capacity to operate an helicopter or UAV
  • Large cargo deck and handling crane for logistic operations
  • Capacity to embark 3 to 4 boats to perform different missions
  • POLARIS ® sea proven mission management system