OPV 90

Offshore Patrol Vessel

Operated by the French Navy, the OPV 90 is KERSHIP’s answer for customers requesting a new generation versatile OPV.

Based on KERSHIP’s expertise in shipbuilding and system integration, it is designed to fulfill both military and civilian missions in the EEZ waters ranging from coastal safety and security to law enforcement at sea and environmental protection.

The OPV 90 offers unrivalled performance for deployable assets (e.g. unmanned vehicles), coordination with shore-based centers and other naval assets, and permanence with ocean-going capability.

Length 87.0 m
Breadth 13.6 m
Displacement 1,500 t


  • Sea proven vessel
  • POLARIS® sea proven mission management system
  • Cost effective, robust and easy to operate and maintain
  • Versatile design for ship reconfiguration and optional embarked systems integration
  • Increased search capabilities with panoramic bridge, single mast for 360° sensors coverage, capacity to operate an helicopter or UAV