02 December, 2016 First command take over for third multimission vessel ‘CHAMPLAIN’

First command take over for third multimission vessel 'CHAMPLAIN'.

Friday December 2nd 2016 at 9:00 in the Brest Naval Base took place the ceremony of first command take over for brand-new multimission B2M 'CHAMPLAIN'. The ceremony was presided over by rear admiral Thierry CATARD, representing in Brest the admiral commanding the French Naval Force. First took place the vessel responsibility take over by the Navy, followed by the first flag-raising ceremony and ended up with command take over by Lieutenant Jérémy MONTASTIER. 

Enshrined in the 2013 Military Programming, the B2Ms are versatile vessels dedicated to maritime surveillance and overseas French interests protection.  

Source : Brest French Navy communication department release  

Third unit of the B2M program built in Concarneau, 'CHAMPLAIN' arrived in Brest the day before this ceremony. It was attended by manufacturer KERSHIP represented by Mr Pascal PIRIOU, President of the PIRIOU group.