MSV 65

Multipurpose Vessel

The MSV 65 is a sea proven vessel able to carry out a wide range of missions with continuous sailing rating.

Designed to perfom long lasting operations in EEZ waters, the MSV 65 can complete law enforcement missions from military ones such as patrol, antipiracy, special operations support, to civilian tasks such as pollution control, logistic supply, towing, assistance, search and rescue.

The MSV 65 is equipped with 2 fast police RHIBs plus a landing craft unit to deliver cargo ashore, and a crane. She can also accommodate divers, carry weapons and ammunitions, and can operate extra pollution control equipment.


Length 65.0 m
Breadth 14.0 m
Displacement 2,300 t


  • Sea proven vessels
  • Cost effective, robust, easy to operate and maintain
  • Versatile design for ship reconfiguration and optional embarked systems integration
  • Diving facilities with dedicated platform 30 t bollard pull capacity 
  • Medical facilities including surgical and recovery rooms with telemedical facilities
  • Capacity to accommodate 20 rescued survivors
  • Spacious 360° vision bridge
  • 6 ISO 20’ containers deck capacity
  • 2 Fi-Fi guns