Hydro-Oceanographic Survey Vessel

The Hydro-oceanographic survey and Multi-Missions vessel BHO2M is KERSHIP’s answer for customers requesting a robust cutting-edge scientific vessel to perform a wide range of missions in EEZ waters.

Able to complete long lasting operations, the BHO2M is designed to perform hydrographic and oceanographic missions such as surveys, sampling of various materials and the related analyses. The BHO2M can also achieve secondary tasks including patrol, humanitarian assistance, special forces or divers deployment as well as search and Rescue operations.

The integrated scientific system on the BHO2M has been defined with the French hydrographic service (SHOM), taking into account feedback and extensive experience regarding definition, integration and use of scientific instrumentation.

Length 72.0 m
Breadth 15.0 m
Displacement 2,600 t


  • Sea proven vessel
  • European shipbuilding standards
  • Cutting-edge scientific equipment system defined in collaboration with the French hydrographic service (SHOM)
  • Scientific equipment compliant with the IHO standard
  • Endurance to perform deep sea long lasting missions
  • Versatile multimission vessel able to perform many specific tasks through her large deck, handling systems, 2 VERTREP areas and her facilities 
  • Spacious 360° vision bridge