LCT 50

Landing Craft Tank

The LCT 50 is KERSHIP’s answer for customers requesting an easy to operate and robust landing vessel for military logistic or humanitarian operations.

The LCT 50 is designed to transport vehicles, water and fuel, heavy loads and personnel. Thanks to its reduced draught, the vessel is able to operate both in rivers and coastal areas.

The bow ramp allows loading and unloading material on a beach or on a wharf.

Length 49.9 m
Breadth 11.0 m
Deadweight 300 t


  • Sea proven vessel
  • Cost effective, robust, easy to operate and maintain
  • European shipbuilding standards
  • Versatile design allowing ship reconfiguration and optional embarked system integration according to customer requirements
  • Accommodation from 10 to 30 persons upon accommodation configuration
  • Reduced draught for loading-unloading and coastal waters or river operations
  • 360° vision bridge